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Picture of Emergesat tool

Humanitarian satellite telecommunications container


When a major humanitarian crisis occurs, traditional means of communication are frequently knocket out. Yet, communication and data exchange between rescue teams are crucial to organize and coordinate the humanitarian aid. 


This is why the Red Helmets Foundation decided to create a humanitarian satellite telecommunications container.


Designed by the Red Helmets Foundation in partnership with the CNES and Thales Alenia Space, Emergesat is a tool to manage humanitarian crisis. It  allows:


-          Communication via satellites

-          Data exchange between key decision centres and remote services.

-        Development of a local radio network between different rescue teams thanks to GSM, VHF and WIFI technologies.

-         Satellite maps for a better knowledge of the field, water resources and population displacement.


Emergesat  offers many tools to rescue teams as soon as they are on the field: water analysis tool, telemedicine box, etc... Thanks to them, the NGOs can assess the situation and provide relief to the victims. 



Emergesat has been dispatched…




In November 2007, following an agreement with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the Red Helmets Foundation launched an experimentation of Emergesat in Chadian darfouri refugees camps. Humanitarian actors stressed the importance of Emergesat to back up the coordination of humanitarian action between NGOs and UN agencies.  




To watch EMERGESAT dispatched, click here.

For the interview of Antonio Guterres, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, click here.

For the press review, click here.





A second container has been dispatched in 2010, due to the Haitian earthquake. The Red Helmets Foundation answered the call of Mr. Didier Le Bret, French ambassador in Haiti, and dispatched Emergesat in the first hours of the earthquake.


The colonel Franck Louvier, sent in Haiti by the Department of Civil Defence and Emergency Preparedness, said that Emergesat allowed many rescuers to talk to their families, and insisted on the quality of communications. Sandrine Bacquet, member of Humanitarian French Firemen, has greeted the crucial help provided by Emergesat to coordinate rescue teams in Haiti. In two months, Emergesat allowed NGOs and rescuers to re-establish 19, 178 communications, i.e more than 1, 352 hours of communications.



Have a look on Emergesat dispatched in Haiti by a click here

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