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The Red Helmets Foundation launched those last days the French Amber Alert on Windows Phone 7. The mobile apps are now available on all platforms, which completes the digital device put in place to enhance citizens' solidarity. From now on, 90% of smartphones' users may be alerted when the Amber Alert is launched.

Convinced of the importance of new technologies to help victims, Nicole  Guedj committed herself to the creation of the ‘kidnapping e-@lert’ on  the Internet, in May 2009, in partnership with Orange, Free, SFR, Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Dailymotion, blogSpirit, l’ASIC (Internet  Community Services Association) and Silicon Sentier


The Red Helmets Foundation then developed the mobile app with Proxima mobile, governmental mobile apps portal for public services.

The iPhone app, launched in February 2010, hit the 25 top downloads chart in less than one week. More than 100.000 people already installed the app on their smartphones, including Android and Blackberry users.

Today, Windows Phone 7 users can download it, so has to be aware when the Amber Alert is set off, which plays a significant role in the first hours after the abduction of a child.

Let's remember that, on 18th September 2011, after two young girls were abducted in France, the Amber Alert was initiated for the first time on mobile phones.



  • Do not forget to download the app and to install it on your own mobile phone :

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  • If you want to help us testing the mobile device, contact us

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